Aims and Scope

The Carbon Society of Japan, formerly the Research Association for Carbon Materials, was established in 1949. The Society aims to promote fundamental research and technology relating to carbon materials. At the same time the society contributes to the exchange of results and ideas in carbon science and technology. We conduct an annual domestic meeting, technical lectures and seminars, as well as the Journal “TANSO”, which is regularly published 5 times per year. Young researchers and engineers in the Society have taken the initiative to hold the carbon material summer seminar every year since 1963. We sponsor the activities of an ambitious group of the next generation, consisting of members younger than 45 years old, which has been recently organized.


So far, the society has played an important role at the World Conference on Carbon, which is an international conference of the highest authority in this field. The Conference in 2020, so called “CARBON2020” is to be held in Kyoto.